POS Display, preferred communication channel for French people ?

Point-of-sale advertising displays are "the preferred form of communication for the French" according to a study conducted in France by Harris Interactive in 2018.

Understanding the consumer

The stakes are high and the methods numerous. Television, press, magazines, internet or in-store communication the possibilities are numerous but understanding consumer expectations is essential to a successful marketing campaign.

Two parameters need to be optimized: investment and return.

Investment is the money spent on a campaign. There is the visible cost: how much I spend on a campaign by paying for displays or a television campaign and the hidden costs: who works on this campaign and for how long.

Then what matters most is the return. It all depends on the type of campaign but generally there are two types of returns:

  • Quantifiable : What is the impact of a campaign on my sales in my targeted catchment area ?

  • Non-quantifiable : What is the impact of the campaign on the reputation and image that consumers have of my company?

POS communication, the best channel to communicate with consumers ?

In consumer's point of view, it is point-of-sale communication that combines the most qualities of all types of communication*.

Indeed, POP is the preferred medium of the French people at 28% ahead of television, magazines, the press and the Internet. This preference allows 59% of French people to feel closer to a brand that communicates in stores for all age groups and up to 70% among 18-24 year olds.

Considered as the most useful mode of communication, which encourages the most to buy, the most convincing, the least intrusive and preferred by the French, POS has the undeniable advantage of being the mode of communication that allows the best return, and certainly the one that offers the lowest investment when compared to the very high costs of television campaigns for example.

Would POP be the best ally of the marketer, allowing him to optimize the ROI of his campaigns?

*According to the study "Baromètre Harris : La PLV reste le support préféré des français" by Harris Interactive in 2018.