Ecology, a small step for Bundó Display and a big step for industry

A pretentious title for a vital issue, because ecology is everyone's business.

Ecology has gained its place among the top concerns of the French in recent years*. Described as a whim until twenty years ago when the slogan of the majority doxa was to produce more to live better, ecology today is gradually gaining ground in the global landscape and the slogan that is now tending to impose itself is reversed: produce better to live better.

Producing better to live better

At a time when individuals are beginning to change their habits, we are convinced that ecological commitment must also be supported by industry.

As a manufacturing company, we have chosen to establish an eco-design charter in order to reduce the environmental footprint of our products. This charter, which can be consulted on our website under the heading Our approach, promotes the use of sustainable and environmentally friendly materials by selecting raw material suppliers who also respect this same principle.

But producing in a more responsible way also means designing quality and reusable multi-material displays, unlike cardboard, which we have decided not to use.

We also offer our customers the option of using interchangeable communication media whenever possible to avoid producing a new line of displays for each new communication campaign.

Produce better, but then what?

Better design, better production but also better distribution. Because our commitments are carried through to the delivery of our displays, our logistics department organizes grouped transports every day with the intention of reducing the carbon footprint to the end... In compliance with the deadlines, of course !

Because before being a company we are above a group of responsible persons

Producing better but also working better is a slogan that fits well with the daily work of our employees at Bundó Display.

Buying reusable glass water bottles instead of single-use plastic water bottles, sorting waste, limiting printing to the bare minimum but also maintaining the green spaces in front of our premises, these are our daily commitments !

*According to the study "Living environment and safety" carried out in 2018 by INSEE