POS, what is behind this acronym ?

Certainly the essential tool for brands in today's highly competitive world of Business to Consumer (B2C) sales.

Point of sale advertising (POS) refers to all advertising media present at a point of sale used to promote a product or brand as part of a communication campaign.

In many forms it has now invaded sales areas all over the world: counter displays used in supermarkets next to checkouts to encourage consumers to add an extra box of chewing gum to the already sufficient collection of their glove box. The signage that in this same store presents you the latest promotional offer on pasta packages or the floor display used by this famous fruit juice brand to promote its partnership with the latest sporting event.

For what purpose ?

The objectives of each campaign are different and the targeting possibilities of POS are therefore also very diverse.

Nevertheless, after years of experience we have noticed that the main objectives of communication campaigns to which POS are particularly suitable are :

  • The promotion of a product, a promotional offer or a loyalty program

  • Highlight the differentiating qualities in a more visual way in order to anchor the product in the consumer's point of view

  • Orient the consumer according to his needs in the same range: a section "What product do I need?" but more visual

  • Encourage impulse buying

For whom ?

For all those who have understood that communication is almost as important as the product at the moment.

  • Large franchises

  • Independent shops

  • Corner

  • Car dealerships

  • Event organizers

  • Restaurant chains