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Eco-conception and sustainable development of our projects


We think and produce according to an eco-design principle found in all our projects and approaches (use of permanent and semi-permanent materials, optimization of deliverables / supply chain).

We are also committed to a statute imposed on the choice of our suppliers and the materials used in our production.

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Prototyping PLV

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POS Delivery



Versatile, Reliable, Responsible


Bundó is strongly committed to eco-design and sustainable development. This approach was concretized with the acquisition of the HP1000 printer and, therefore, with the birth of Bundó EcoPrinting.

In fact, we have chosen a printing technology aligned with our commitment to the environment and the challenges of our customers.

Today, not only does our HP Latex printer give us exceptional results on a wide variety of print media, but our HP Latex water-based inks are a great addition to our POS prints and help us achieve your goals.

In addition to delivering exceptional image quality, consistency and longevity, our next-Generation printer with HP-Latex inks provides an attractive eco-friendly profile as well as healthier printing.

It does not represent any danger, without air pollutants, its nickel content is non-existent. HP Latex inks are UL ECOLOGO®, UL GREENGUARD GOLD certified and prints meet AgBB criteria.

By choosing to entrust us with your prints, you comply with international industry standards and participate in the total cessation of the use of toxic inks mainly used in the traditional printing industry.

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