Covid-19 Protection Kit for Polling Stations for the 2022 Presidential Elections

Protective elements for COVID-19

At the beginning of 2020, coinciding with the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, Bundó Safe anticipated to fight against the spread of the coronavirus through offering all its capacity for innovation and development to civil society. (Donations to hospitals of first intubation boxes).

Since then, we have continued to develop a wide range of protective elements to equip private offices, public spaces or even commercial spaces.

Today, Bundó Safe specializes in COVID19 protective equipment to support local authorities during elections (regional/departmental, presidential, etc.).

In fact, with a satisfied clientele of around 1000 municipalities in France that we have supported during the last regional and departmental elections, we wish to reiterate this great partnership for the 2022 presidential elections.

Thanks to Bundó Safe, you can delimit your reception areas in a totally safe way.

Our team allows you to equip not only your polling stations by protecting office members (secretary/advisor and president) but also to be able to protect your voting citizens.

Our strength is offering tailor-made equipment since all our products are manufactured in our factory.

Our current catalog includes different models of methacrylate protective screens, hydroalcoholic gel dispensers and adhesives for floors that, following the indications of the health authorities, help reduce the transmission of the virus between people.

Allowing you to organize the elections with total security!

Protect your employees. Protect your business. Protect yourself.

Pantalla de protección de la urna
Biombo para urna electoral con pie metálico equipado con 4 ruedas
Separador de pantalla protectora con estructura metálica sobre ruedas
Tótem con dispensador automático de gel, personalizable
Expositor de mostrador con dispensador automático de gel, personalizable, de pie o colgante
Tira de paso de documentos para la pantalla del evaluador u otros

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