Design and manufacture of POS

We design, prototype and manufacture POS, exhibitors, merchandising elements and shop-in-shop in multi-materials, tailored to the needs of the client, taking into account the highest standards of quality and eco-conception.
We cover all sectors: Food, Beverages, Perfumery, Cosmetics, beauty and Sun protection, Hairdressers and Hair care, Personal hygiene, Pharmacy, Stationery and Writing and Drawing items, Jewelry …
We manufacture from simple projects to multi-product campaigns of international distribution that require a multitude of originals, languages, formats, supports, different content per package… even 100% customized projects that integrate the graph at the point of sale. In addition, we help you to give a sustainable turn to your graphic material.

¿Por qué escoger los servicios de Bundó?

360º service from A to Z

We manage POS and merchandising projects in an integrated way, from the design, through prototyping, production and final delivery.

Reactivity and speed

We have a working formula that ensures maximum reactivity from receiving your project: Design in 5 days, Prototype in 10 days, Production in 45 days.

Creativity, design and prototyping

We are creative, our goal is to ensure that our displays capture the attention of the consumer at the points of sale, increasing the sales of their products. We have a consolidated design team and a prototyping center.

Customer orientation: Customer centric company

We put the needs of the client at the center, showing a great capacity for adaptation and flexibility. Our goal is to provide a positive experience to our customers, throughout the process of design, production and final delivery.

Industrial capacity and quality control

We have more than 6,000 m2 of productive space with all the necessary machinery to ensure the production of the projects within the agreed deadlines, all follow strict quality controls.

Sustainable production process and eco-responsible designs

We design and produce all projects following eco-responsibility parameters (recycled and/or recyclable materials, prints with ecological inks, etc.). Our efforts have been recognized with an EcoVadis medal.

What does POS mean?

The objective of POS and merchandising elements is to increase the visibility of the products in the different points of sale (pharmacies, supermarkets, etc.). POS corresponds to the acronym “Advertising at the point of sale” and includes all the advertising and communication elements that are in the place of sale (exhibitors, posters, etc.) and that allow to increase the sales of the different products that are promoted.


We create the different POS projects taking into account the highest standards of eco-responsibility, choosing recyclable materials with the lowest possible carbon footprint and printing with ecological inks thanks to our industrial printers. Our efforts have been recognized with an EcoVadis medal.

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