Design in 5 days

Our team composed by experienced designers in retail and marketing conceive displays in order to achieve the excellence. They work with the most advanced software and design tools.

After the brief reception, we create the design in just 5 days.

Prototype in 10 days

Thanks to our integrated prototype centre, we can build the first prototype in 10 days.
Designs are realized in permanent and high quality materials: Wood, Metal, Plastic, Cristal and Metallic Thread.

Production in 45 days

Our industrial capacity of 6.000 m2 and our rigorous system of quality control in every assembly line allows us a high flexibility during all the process.

Furthermore we work with a vast number of reliable suppliers who work with exactitude in all our projects.

That allows us to produce our displays in 45 days.

Our process in video


We adapt our projects to feed our customers needs. Clients define our relationship with one word: Retroactivity.

We know and understand that every client is different. Our projects are conceived respecting customers need and integrating our know how. This flexibility allows us to achieve perfection in our displays.

During all the process, we remain close to you.


7 experienced designers

Integrated prototype center

Advanced design softwares


6000 m2 of industrial capacity

Rigorous system of quality control

Reliable suppliers network



Integration of our know how

Total flexibility

Happy Customers

These are some of our custumers

The relevant issue is not what we do but how we do it

Marc Bundó, CEO