Who we are

50 years of experience in design and production of point of sale displays

A product requires much more than a good design to carry on the market. At Bundó Display we offer a successful in-store environment. With more than 50 years in the point of sale displays industry and an international experience we offer the best solutions to dramatically distinguish you from your competitors. Our designers are used to think outside the box and reach the best ideas adjusting to your needs.

We create premium designs with the best permanent materials; we are fast and efficient; and we remain flexible during all the process. That’s why successful brands choose Bundó Display.

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Our strengths

We are different

Our experience and understanding of the industry give us the capacity to look beyond in every project. We’ve been doing what we do for over 50 years. Working with branches of different markets across the world make our knowledge unique.

Our high number of suppliers provides us the best materials to handle with at the lowest price.

Bundó Display is a family owned company. We are the third generation working inside the business. Transmitting our principles of respect, honesty and responsibility, to our displays give us a value added. Our clients are glad to work with us. We build relationships that last over time.

Unique workers

Talented people want to work with us

Talented people want to work with us. We ensure that our work conditions are the best. Our offices are equipped with the most advanced software tools. We maximise flexibility to improve creativity. Even when we hire, we never look for best people, but for special people that not only search for solutions, but they create them from nothing.

That’s why we always achieve excellence.

We are efficient

We take up projects during all the year

Our advantage, we are a small company. We work in team, ensuring the best coordination and controlling every three-dimensional design, every prototype and every serial production. Perfection is a must.

We know that they are incidents even with the best branches. That’s why we take up projects during all the year. The only thing that matters for us is the comfort of our clients.

Understanding your needs, we still near you during all the process and we add our know how wherever we can to not only match, but to surpass your needs, always at a lower price.